Forest Admin can't load Activity data

The API call being sent to is returning 500.

It says missing Allow Origin Header, therefore there is no Activity data being shown.

The issue is probably caused by the creation error mentioned in this topic

Hi @nathanqueija,

I’ve been unable to reproduce your issue. Even manually modifying activity logs to put those in a broken state would not lead to issues when displaying my activity logs.

Could you please share with me the complete request sent and response received.

Thank you in advance, I hope we’ll manage to put your activity logs back to work

@lamatt_v I sent you via private message.

Hi @nathanqueija,

Unfortunately, we can’t find traces of 500 error status codes (in a one month period) while calls are done on

We sometimes observe timeouts for this route because of bad performances on the platform in specific cases. The team is currently working to deliver a new architecture for activity logs that will solve all performance issues we had in the past. It should be live in a few weeks.

Does this issue occur every time you try to access the activity logs?

Yes, every time. I can’t get any data out of the Activity tab. It either times out or returns 500.

Hi @nathanqueija,

Could you take a screenshot of all the errors displayed in your browser console when triggering this 500?
If possible, a loom video with the developer console open might also help.

As stated, we can’t find traces of 500 error status codes (this month) while calls are done on, so that’s not easy to debug. I’ll also in the meantime take a look at your activity logs to see if I can find any reason for this call to fail.