IP Whitelist not being enforced

It appears the IP Whitelist is not being enforced. I am able to connect to Forest on any IP, despite having only a couple whitelisted.

Hi @liranco :wave: I need more information please, I have some questions:

  • what is your project name?
  • have you change anything?
  • have you got any error logs?

Sure, here you go:

  • givebutter
  • nope
  • nope

Hey @liranco,

Looking at your project, IP whitelist seems well configured so I’m gonna check if this is a regression on our side :slight_smile:

Which ressource are you trying to get under another IP that should be protected but is not ?

I am able to access any resource on any IP.

Hello @liranco,

We are not able to reproduce at the moment.

  • What IP are you using to test the feature ?

  • Do you experience different behaviour from the Project Settings pages (Try to create an invitation for example) ? (This could help to locate the issue)

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,