How can I share links to entities across teams

Expected behavior

If I take a link to something in FA and I want to send it to another FA member, it works.

Actual behavior

If the person I send the link to belongs to another team than me, it doesn’t work


Since the team name is in the URL (I guess to support users belonging to multiple teams), I would expect that if I click on a link with a team I do not belong to, I am redirected to one of my teams URL?


Hi @julien :wave:

Thank you for your feedback! :pray: We are aware of this issue, this is something that should be improved indeed. This issue has been integrated in our product board, hopefully we will tackle this soon. We are currently considering implement something that allows sharing URL across teams.

Anyway, I sent your feedback to our product board; be sure you will be notified as soon as we have something new about this subject

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Thank you @rap2h !
I second Julien’s request. We recently integrated teams into our product and now sharing information between teams is extremely hard