How does forest admin track/update UI changes?


I made a change to my staging UI project using the WYSIWYG editor. Does this then make a change in my servers forestadmin-schema.json automatically? I thought it did but when I check the server it has no changes (using git to track changes).

If the UI state is not stored in forestadmin-schema.json - where is it stored and how can I version it?

I have read the docs but not fully understanding it.

Hello @Cormac, :slight_smile:

What do you mean by WYSIWYG ?

Hey Iclisson, sorry I mean the frontend UI Editor.

Hey @Cormac,

The changes are not stored on your side. It is stored on our own. And there is right now no way to access those changes sadly. If you would like to have access to it let me know I’ll push it to our prodcutboard.

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