How to prevent inactive options to appear in a drop down list

Hi Team,

Context: I’m working on a project that has a number of active/inactive flags.

An example:

  • There is a list of user-defined amenities and each of the amenities needs to have an amenity type allocated to it.

  • The amenity type is a dropdown list (present on the add amenity form) ideally should only contain the active amenity types. At the moment, the amenity type drop-down contains all the amenities stores in the DB irrespective of the active/inactive flag.

How can I resolve this?

Hi @Yusra_Bagosher :wave: if i understand well you can use the dropdown widget and setup a filter on it to display only the amenities who have the flag active ?

let me know if that help !

Hi @Arnaud_Moncel Yes, you are right. I missed that setting! It works like a charm now. Thank you!!!

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