How to view gallery view in Live Demo for products collection

Feature(s) impacted

I wanted to view Gallery View Implementation in real live demo project of Forest Admin.

Observed behavior

When opened Live Demo of Forest Admin Project, I am not able to view products collection as gallery view. Rather it is currently displayed as list view.
Gallery view Documentation I referred is -

Expected behavior

Products collection to be visible as Gallery where Products will be displayed with images and more option.

Let me know If I am referring to wrong section or does some changes needed at my end to view Collection as gallery.

Currently Products collection for me looks like below

Hi @Nilesh_Shirsat ,

As mentioned in the documentation, the Gallery view is a Smart View. The Smart View is a view of the collection that you can configure specifically to adapt to your need if the default visual does not fit your needs. I will let you with more information about the smart view.

You have to configure it for each collection where you want to apply a specific view. And for the Live Demo, only Deliveries and Appointments are using a Smart View, with respectively a Calendar view and a Map view.

Best regards,