When logging in I am being taken to a random Team instead of the team I was in before being logged out

Expected behavior

When logging back in (after being auto-logged out) I expected to be taken to the same Team I was viewing before being logged out.

Actual behavior

Suddenly over the last week, when I log back in (after being auto-logged out), its logging me in to a random Team instead of taking me back to the same team I was in before being logged out. The team it logs me back into happens to be the 6th team on my list of 7 teams.


  • Package Version: 7.3.5
  • Express Version: 4.17.1
  • Sequelize Version: 6.6.2
  • Database Dialect: PostgreSQL

cc @GuillaumeGautreau

Can you share your project name with me please? I would like to check if the auto-logout feature is active on it.

Hi @dig,

Thanks for bringing up that issue! :pray:

You’re definitely right, a little change was made on which team you’re automatically directed to when accessing your project.
We just corrected this behaviour and it should be back to what it was before: redirection to your first accessible team.
Can you confirm it is fixed on your side?

Still, you can answer @GuillaumeGautreau’s question so that we are sure there is no additional auto-logout issue.


@GuillaumeGautreau sure, project name is: Bridgement.1

Hi @dig ,

Thank you for your feedback.
Can you please describe in details the steps that point you to a non-desired team?
I am trying to give an example:

  1. log in to forest and you are on the team X on one, two, three tabs?
  2. something append (24h elapsed ?)
  3. Login popup appear (yes/no?)
  4. etc.

A detailed explanation can point us to the right place to debug.

Hi @Sliman_Medini
This seems to occur after I get auto-logged out each day. See this ticket already raised for that problem Keep getting automatically logged out of forest admin losing all my context - #10 by GuillaumeGautreau

Before being logged out, I typically have 1 to 3 tabs open but all are in the same team which is the team i expect to log back into

Ok, let’s solve it there since it’s the same subject.

Well they specifically told me to create a new ticket

A product insight was created about the feature “go back to the same page after re-login” :+1: