Loading time optimization

Hello Forest community,

Yesterday our database got stuck because of huge queries from forest (so many join + query on all fields / relationship fields) and we are trying to figure it out and optimize database queries to reduce risks and day to day load time.

Have you some tips to help?

Feature(s) impacted

Edit Layout + advanced search

Observed behavior

  • Slow loading
  • Huge SQL requests consuming the database resources (different joins)
  • Searching all fields for a specific query

Expected behavior

  • Fast loading
  • optimized database requests
  • Allow advanced searches on specified fields

Failure Logs

Could not send data to client: Connection timed out


  • Project name: JULAYA_DASHBOARD
  • Team name: Admin
  • Environment name: Production

Hi Charles,

there are several ways to improve performance issues, here is some documentation about it:

I’ll hijack this thread for the specific need about the advanced search feature.

We’ve released a rewrite of our agent in July 2022 which bundles many optimizations for smart fields, and the search feature.

If you are willing to port your agent (which may or may not be easy, depending on the number of customizations that you have made), among the many new features, customizing how the search behaves is now natively supported.