Nest.js integration client id

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I think that I have successfully setup the forest admin however when I try to access it although I can see the entities there is a dialog which says:

Unable to authenticate you

Please verify that your admin backend is correctly configured and running, and that you have access to the internet.

I am pretty sure that this is related to clientId however, I couldn’t find my clientId or how to get it. Any help would be appricated.

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I don’t want to see the dialog :slight_smile:

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Hi @Bedirhan_Pamukcuoglu !
Can you check if you have any error in your server log and browser log ? If so, could you share a screenshot of said logs :pray:
Why do you think it’s related to your clientId ? Do you run multiple instances of your FA Server ?

Could you also share what agent you are using ?

Thanks !

Hey, so now I see the aim of clientId. The server logs are as follow:

info: Successfully mounted on NestJS
warning: options.clientId was not provided. Using Node.js cluster mode, or multiple instances of the agent will break authentication
info: Schema was not updated since last run

The browser logs on the other hand:

Forest Admin 🌲 Start third-party services tracking.

The agent I use is:     "@forestadmin/agent": "^1.0.0-beta.42"

You don’t seem to have any issue on your server, what about your browser logs ? Can you share the details of the failing request and response ?

Thanks again !

Sorry there, the only request which is failing was authentication request and it gets 404.

{"statusCode":404,"message":"Cannot POST /forest/authentication","error":"Not Found"}

On your browser, do you have any cors error ?
Can you share screenshots from your browser as described here ?

Hey @Bedirhan_Pamukcuoglu !
Do you still have an issue ?
Don’t hesitate to ping me here if needed !

Hey Nicolas, I couldn’t figure out the solution however we decided to use another framework. Thanks for your time