PDF Generation Issue in SmartAction: Incorrect Data

Observed behavior


For some time now, we have been experiencing a bug with a smart-action. The purpose of this smart-action is to generate a PDF and send it by email.

The PDF is generated with information from an order (orders is a model), but sometimes this information is incorrect; it shows information from a different order.

The issue is that in the body of the email, the information is correct, but not in the PDF, even though the same data is sent to both the PDF generator and the email.

We also discovered that when we restart the Forest server, the information is correct again. We wonder if this might be related to Forest using some sort of cache?

Unfortunately, we have not been able to reproduce the bug in development; it only occurs randomly in production.


ForestAdmin version with Sequelize: 9.3.9
Package used to generate a PDF: dynamic-html-to-pdf (0.1.6) (dynamic-html-to-pdf - npm)

Hello @Glenn_Oberle,

The agent does not use cached data when executing an action.
Could you please share the implementation of your smart-action so that I can help you out further ? If you are reluctant to share your code here, you can send it to me privately.

Best regards,

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