Production environment does not appear

Expected behavior

After completing the setup of production backend, and clicking “Deploy to production”, the production environment should appear in the top-left corner selector.

Actual behavior

Clicking “Deploy to production” refresh the page, but does not display new environment.

Failure Logs

No error logs in web console and backend is running as expected


Fresh install using Postgresql source, and following latest deployment guide

  • Package Version: forest-express: 8.4.0
  • Express Version:
  • Sequelize Version:
  • Database Dialect: Postgresql
  • Database Version: PG 11
  • Project Name: Shotgun Admin

Hey @Lucas_Gerard and welcome to our community :wave:

  • Did you create a Role that has access to your production environment? (If not, here’s the documentation)
  • Could you try forcing forest to access your production environment directly in the URL (By replacing Development by your environment name? (It could display useful informations to debug this issue)

Let me know :pray:

Hey! Indeed, creating a Role fixed the issue.