Project File Corrupted

I recently did a change to my schema where 2 fields changed name. In one of my teams, prior to the change we had defined a display name for that field. In that team alone there is a problem that when we try and list that collection it hangs in production. I think it has fields that are blank. When I hide those fields it does not hang anymore:

When I copy this team configuration over to staging I do get an error on the collection:

{“errors”:[{“status”:500,“detail”:“Invalid $project :: caused by :: FieldPath cannot be constructed with empty string”}]}

I can probably solve this by copying the configuration of a team where everything is fine over the team that is malfunctioning, and in this case that would be ok since there are not much modifications, but in my other teams that would be a problem since they are becoming highly customized. I have thought I will leave it the way it is so you can take a snapshot of my project configuration to see if this is a real problem

What is the current behavior?

Failure Logs

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Hi @Liam_Cheung,

To be able to dig through this, I will need:

  • The project name impacted
  • The environment & the collection name that does not work
  • The fields that might cause the issue

I’m currently digging through this to see if I’m able to reproduce/understand what was the original source of the issue.

Thanks in advance :pray:

Project: Forest Map
Environment: EU Production
Collection: Users

Hi @Liam_Cheung,

We refreshed the cache associated to your project/environment. Would you mind double check if the issue is still here ?
We recently fixed a few bugs related to this so the issue might have been fixed recently.

Let us know :slight_smile:

OK Looks good now. Thanks