Ruby on rails dashboard with forest admin

Hi All, I’m a newbie to forest_admin and rails in general.
I’m working on a rails application that has users with an avatar from action storage.
When I connect to forest dashboard, if I try to create a new user from the dashboard, theres no option for file selector for the image avatar.
How do I fix this and also show the avatar(profile picture) in the forest dashboard.

Hi @esec26 :wave: and welcome to our community.
To achieve your goal please go to layout editor
And follow instruction like the screen

  1. Go to collection settings
  2. Go to fields settings
  3. Have a look on widgets configuration and select for both file widget

Let me know if that help :pray:

hey buddy, I set up a new project just to test out avatar display feature of forest .

Theres no problem on the rails, side, but when I connect to forest, I keep getting logged out.

I was looking for paid easy solution for dashboard, but forest is becoming a headache already.

I THINK I WILL STICK WITH RAILS_ADMIN… unless I see an easy and improved way of using forest.


I keep getting logged out.

I don’t really understand what is your problem, without more context sorry.

Will get back to you.

I’m restarting a new project, after connecting to forest_admin. I’ll reach out for guidance

Ok no problem, don’t hesitate to ask question. We all are here to help you.
I’m gonna tag this thread as resolved. Don’t hesitate to create another one, with another question.