Schema not updating

Related to this issue.


We have the same problem here. We developed new features yesterday including 3 new fields (two in one table, another in a second one).

All is fine in local environment with schema update, database with new fields, Forest with new fields. In our staging one, the database was also updated with our new fields but no change in Forest. The fields are not hidden, there are literally not here.

I think we have the same synchronization problem as discussed here.

Any idea?

Have a good day,

Project: Homeloop
Environment: Staging (for the moment)

Hi @Vincent_Attali,

At the moment of this message, I see your schema updates (our side) dates as the following:
Screenshot 2020-08-13 at 11.07.31

Do you confirm there is a lack of updates?

A refresh of your staging has been done, please confirm if it’s ok now.

Thanks a lot. Working now. We’ll see in production :slight_smile:

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Hi again.

Same problem now in local environment with clean and full re installation.

I’ve refreshed dev too, is it better?
I will investigate to try to find if there is a recurrent issue behing this.

Can you please confirm the schema change is uniquely about adding fields?