'searchToEdit' access forbidden on partner

Hello, I’m trying to create a new record in Forest. This new record needs another record associated to it from a different table. Let’s say I want to create an A record which needs a B record (connected by its ID field). The problem is even though there is an existing B record, I cannot select any. When I see the forest logs I can see it prints 'searchToEdit' access forbidden on partner . If I go to the Settings of table B and I want to tick “Allow search to edit” it won’t allow me to do so. How can I turn it on? I think this is the reason why it doesn’t work.
A note that these 2 tables are in a new DB which I cannot via this guide https://docs.forestadmin.com/documentation/v/v4/how-tos/plug-multiple-sql-databases . The same thing works on the another DB which is connected and there the “Allow search to edit” is ticket (and it cannot be unticked so it looks like that field is read only and forest sets it).


  • Package Version: 1.4.1
  • Express Version: ~4.16.3

Hi @boldizsaremma,

The fact that you are not able to enable “search to edit” is a recent issue, and a fix is on it’s way.
You should be able to enable/disable the “search to edit” checkbox using the method described here, which is a temporary solution but should fix your issue.

Let me know if that help :pray:

That worked, cheers!