Segment Date Filters Bug

Feature(s) impacted

Segment filtering by date

Observed behavior

When I create a date filter at the top of a table view, the filter works without issue. For example in the screenshot below, I am filtering by the column “proposed release date” and getting one result which matches that filter.

However, when I use that same filter to define a segment, I get no results.

This problem seems to be specific to filtering on date fields. Filtering on other datatypes is working for me in segments.

Expected behavior

I would expect the segment filtering to return the same results as non-segment filtering (the filter at the top of the table view). In this example, I would expect the segment to show the one matching row.

Failure Logs

I am not getting any errors, just seeing unexpected behavior.


  • Project name: GumboUI
  • Team name: DepMap
  • Environment name: I am seeing the same behavior in all of our environments (production, staging, and development)
  • Agent type & version: django-forestadmin (v1.3.2)

Hi Sarah

A member of the team tech is trying to replicate the issue.

We’ll come back to you shortly (edit: tomorrow morning)

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Hi @Sarah_Wessel,

I’m investigating your issue.

Hi @Sarah_Wessel

My coworkers told me that a patch was merged in the agent to solve that issue.
Updating to 1.4.2 should get things working again

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