Selected items in a select are unselected on every interaction

Feature(s) impacted

I have a smart action of a enum type that produces a Select component. It look like this

    name: 'Manage Items',
    type: 'single',
    fields: [
            field: 'Test',
            type: ['Enum'],
            enums: [

Observed behavior

If I select elements and after that click anywhere in the Select component - it deselects the first element.

Expected behavior

Selected items are only de-selected if I click on X button


  • Project name: TymeshiftFA
  • Team name: Engineering
  • Environment name: Production
  • Agent type & version: forest-express: ^9.5.1, forest-express-sequelize: ^8.5.8
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: …

Hello @Yevhen_Popenko :wave:,

Thanks for your feedback ! I can’t reproduce this bug on my side, do you have more information about what happens in the console (error, …) :thinking: ?

Kind regards,


Hello @Florian_Gonzales

There is no errors or any messages really in either browser console or server, and it does not do any network requests.

It feels like a purely UI issue, I would guess with the JS implementation of the Select component.

How can I help you reproducing it?
For my side it is reproduced consistently in any Smart Action Form with the Select element.

Thank you!

Which internet browser do you use? It may help us to reproduce the bug :thinking:

It’s reproducible in the same way in both latest chrome 108.0.5359.124 and safari 16.1 (18614.

I will try to create some more isolated test cases if that would help.

Totally able to reproduce on my end. Super weird bug :thinking:

I’ll open a ticket on our end. Sorry for the inconvenience, we will let you know once the fix is released.

Totally understandable, thank you a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Yevhen_Popenko ,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
The bug is fixed and released.

Best regards,



Sorry to say, but for us the bug is still there, exactly as it was before.
Do we need to do something on our side? Was the fix already released for everyone?

Thank you in advance!

Hi. We have same problem, will wait for answer too

Latest mongoose driver won’t fix the problem (mb it shouldn’t, but we tried)

Hi @Yevhen_Popenko , @heyMakar ,

The fix has been released. We are sorry for the incovenience of the issue.
Have a good day,