Duplicate UI views across Teams

Hi, we’re working through a large number of Forest UI changes which we would like to apply to several teams. Is there any way to do this without manually making every change for each team separately?

Expected behavior

A way to duplicate Forest UI changes, such as Collection layouts and settings or Dashboards, across multiple teams.

Actual behavior

Currently the only options I can find are:

  • Make the changes individually for each and every team
  • Copy an entire Team’s layout onto another Team, which would overwrite any differences that we would like to keep between the layouts of different teams

For example, if I create a Dashboard in one Team, I can’t find a way of making the Dashboard visible to another Team. Or if I change the fields visible on a collection, this also has to be done for one Team at a time.

It would be great to know if there are any existing options here.

Hi @Dan_Dupont :wave: welcome to our community.
Unfortunately it is not possible yet…
Like you said, when you do a copy layout from a team to another the layout is overridden.

I push your feature request to our product board.

Thanks @Arnaud_Moncel, useful to know that I’m not missing something. It would be great if it can be looked at as a feature.

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