Show when the Collaboration tab has notes

What is the feature?

Highlight the Collaboration tab when it has been used.

What problem does this solve for you?

As many SaaS platforms, we have a lot of customers, events, users, companies and various entities we use on a daily basis.

We sometimes have to keep tab (ha-ha) on specifics for some entities.
For example, “This client’s CEO only speaks English, reach out to XYZ for French.” or “This user is a pentester.”

However there is no distinction in the UI between entities with notes and entities without:
Collaboration tab screenshot

Highlighting the tab when notes exist, for example with a badge with the amount of notes or even changing the name to Collaboration (3) could be very helpful:
Positively enhanced collaboration tab screenshot

Currently using the Collaboration tab is out of question for us, because no one is going to check a tab that is empty most of the time.

Who else would be using this feature?

Literally anyone using the Collaboration tab.

Hello @kll,

Thank you for your suggestion. :pray:

Indeed today we miss some clarity and we don’t have a proper notification system for the approvals.

We have some future plan for the Collaboration tab (Approval workflow) but I’m not seeing this exact feedback in our roadmap.

I’ll send it to our product board so our product team can prioritize it.

Kind regards,