[Collaboration feature] E-mail notification for a mention does not redirect to the note

Expected behavior

When clicking on the link in the notification e-mail called “You just got mentioned in a message on Forest Admin”, I would expect to access the note directly - or at least the “Mentions” screen.

Bonus : it’s not a bug, it’s a (cheap) feature, but it would be cool to have the record’s name in the notification e-mail. “Machin has left you a comment for the record “Entreprise X” : …”

Bonus 2 : it would be nice to update the documentation of the Collaboration feature, as suggested here : Update "Collaboration" Documentation

Actual behavior

I am redirected to the page where I’m supposed to choose a project, and then to the homepage, after having entered my login details.

Failure Logs



We have several environments, maybe that would be the issue ?

  • Package Version:
  • Express Version:
  • Sequelize Version:
  • Database Dialect:
  • Database Version:
  • Project Name: Pennylane

Hi @dmngrndjn :wave:, thank you for your feedback.
If I understand correctly, you encounter this issue when you are not connected on the App.
Does this link work when you are connected?

For your first Bonus I will push that on our product board.

For your second Bonus I will transfert it to our team.

The link works when I’m connected to the correct env yes. I did not test when connected to a different environment.

It could be that a user’s session simply timed out and that he needs to login again - which often happens when accessing Forest from e-mails. I do not know how long I would need to wait for my session to end so I did not test this particular behavior.


Unfortunately, this behavior is not implemented yet.
I will push these feature request to our product board.

Curious to see how many requests you have from non-logged users then !
For a premium feature, it looks rather sub-optimized and rushed