Smart Action - Form field label

Hello Forest Admin Team !

Is there any solution to change smart actions form field display text without changing input name ? Like a “label” prop ?

When I switch to layout editor mode, there is setting cogs but it doesn’t work

I know I can change “field” prop but it change display text AND variable name. And attributes[“Name of my field”] is not very clean…

Thanks for your help

Hello @Sharp,

Thanks for your message :pray:

So if I rephrase, you wish it would be possible to have a displayName (for instance “Information to enter”) in addition to the field option (that would be “informationToEnter”), so that you can refer easily to the field in your code by using fields.informationsToEnter and not field["Information to enter"] anymore (and of course keeping the nice “Information to enter” phrase displayed in the frontend).

Am I right?

Hello @adriguy !
Yes, exactly :ok_hand:t2:
Actually, if I update displayed text, I have to update my code…

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Ok I see…
The answer is no, unfortunately it’s not possible at the moment.
But I’m adding a feature request in our Product board so that it can be tackled one day.

Thanks for having shared this! :raised_hands:

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