Some characters in records ID value are not encoded in URLs

Feature(s) impacted

Relationship between collections

Observed behavior

Lets take a collection Tag which has only one field called name as a non empty string,
and a collection Article which has many Tag.
When trying to access all the Article records for a given Tag record, a request is made to our backend with the name value in the URL

Expected behavior

Any special character contained in the name value should be encoded as they end up in the URL of the GET request made to our backend:


Failure Logs

Currently, if any name value contains one of /\#%? it will not be encoded and will cause various URL interpretation issues like 404 with some / included as is.

I believe the URL building mechanism is set with IDs in mind, which usually don’t have any special character outside of -, but this particular collection has no ID in our system and this is intended.


  • Project name: Inato Marketplace
  • Team name: Inato
  • Environment name: all
  • Agent type & version: N/A
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: N/A

Hi @Brian_inato

Thank you for your well documented bug report

I’ll try to reproduce and file a bug report
This should be sorted out quickly

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Thanks @romaing
Is there a way to make sure I get updated on this bug so I can remove limitations on the character used once it is fixed ?

Sure, I added a link to this support thread in the ticket in our internal tracker

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Hi @romaing
Any news on this bug ?

Hi @Brian_inato :wave:

The resolution is ongoing. I’ll keep you posted. It should be released by the end of the week surely

Hi @Brian_inato :wave:

A fix has been released :muscle:. Can you test it out on your end?
If the issue persists, do not hesitate to come back :male_detective: :evergreen_tree:

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Thanks a lot. Will try to reproduce the bug on Monday and let you know if all goes well :slight_smile: