'statWithParameters' access forbidden on xxxxx and this chart cannot be rendered

Feature(s) impacted

Some of my charts are not work properly since months.
Maybe it’s related to nested fields.

Observed behavior

I set up the chart, at first time it’s seems ok but when a go to another environment and come back it is no more working.

Expected behavior

My chart always work correctly

Failure Logs

‘statWithParameters’ access forbidden on


I did update from version 5 to version 8 to be up to date and it’s the same.
I looked on my backend today and i see the message [forest] :deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree: ‘statWithParameters’ access forbidden on [xxxx]
where [xxxx ] is one of my collection.

  • Project name: Seeuletter - API
  • Team name: Admin
  • Environment name: Development
  • Agent type & version: 8.6.1
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: There are months that i have problems but had no time before to update to last version

Here when i set up a chart :


Result :


After if i switch to another environment and come back to his :

The chart :

The filter is bad and there’s a Forbidden message :


On my backend i saw this log :

Hello @Olivier_BESSON1,

Thanks for your message and welcome to our community! :raised_hands:

Just out of curiosity, did you try to recreate a new chart with the exact same conditions than a broken one and see if it works?


I am surprised to see that your agent version is still 5.7.0 on all your environments (whereas you were talking about 8.6.1). Did you restart your server?

Also, could you share the payload that is sent for one broken chart (in the Network tab of your browser console)? That would be very useful to investigate.


@adriguy je poursuit en Francais car j’ai vu que vous étiez francais, je suis plus à l’aise.

Mes environnements de prod et recette n’étaient pas en 8 mais uniquement mon dev quand j’ai ouvert l’incident.

Ma recette est maintenant en 8

J’ai reproduit le problème dessus, je cree un chart et il est fonctionnel quand je le cree :

Ensuite je le sauvegarde, je recharge la page par F5 et il ne fonctionne plus, j’ai une erreur dans le chart et quand j’ouvre ses settings je voit que la requete n’est pas bonne, au lieu d’avoir un filtre avec destineo status is pending_msb je n’ai plus que destineo :

Les data-raw envoyées à mon api la première fois sont :

–data-raw ‘{“type”:“Value”,“collection”:“Templates”,“aggregate”:“Count”,“time_range”:null,“query”:null,“filters”:"{“field”:“destineo:status”,“operator”:“equal”,“value”:“pending_msb”}"}’ \

La seconde fois :

–data-raw ‘{“type”:“Value”,“collection”:“Templates”,“aggregate”:“Count”,“filters”:"{“field”:“destineo”,“operator”:“equal”,“value”:“pending_msb”}"}’ \

Le champs n’est pas correct, c’est donc normal que j’ai ensuite un 403

Le problème vient de la sauvegarde ou de la relecture du champs destineo.status

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Thanks for your very clear answer!
I keep going in English so that other people could still keep up :slight_smile:

I was still not able to reproduce the issue on my side…
Would you mind sharing an example of one Template of yours?
So that I can try to reproduce in the closest conditions than yours.

Thanks a lot :raised_hands:

@adriguy Yes i would, but how can i share it, i don’t understand what you want, isn’t it possible to share a session so that you take what you want (teams, teamviewer, slack, …) ?


Alright, I am finally able to reproduce the issue!
I was not testing properly on nested field.

I am opening a bug report as of now, and we’ll let you know as soon as it is fixed.

Thanks a lot for bringing that up! :raised_hands:

@adriguy Thanks for your reply, what delay can i hope for the fix : days, weeks, more ?


It’s hard to say.
It should be fixed in the next days/weeks!

Hello @Olivier_BESSON1,

A fix has been shipped on this topic.
Could you confirm it’s working properly on your side now?


Hello @adriguy
I just tested and it’s ok for me

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