String list field that is not saving the first time

Feature(s) impacted

I have the following schema (Prisma) in the project features FeatureEnum[] → the features is a list of string.

Observed behavior

When I add correct string the first time through the text array field, it does not save it and add {} instead.
When I do it a second time, it works

Expected behavior

It should work the first time


  • Project name: Omerta
  • Team name: Omerta
  • Environment name: Production

I’m trying to reproduce, will come back shortly

I’m actually reproducing two issues when editing fields of type “list of enum”.

  • The first is that I get a free-text input, when I should be getting a multiselect box (like in the screenshot)
  • I do confirm that something strange is happening on the form when the list is null

I’ll create bugs on our ticket system so that this get fixed once I get to reproduce this reliably


OK the second bug was already reported by coworkers and it getting fixed.
Should be merged today, and we can follow to see if your use-case is fixed after that.

I’ll have a look on the first one

Ok thank you, keep me in touch :slight_smile:

By the way, I connot recreate checkboxes statically as I used to do, can you please tell me why ?

We merged both fixes.

Can you update all @forestadmin packages on your agent, and tell me if the issue is fixed?

What do you mean by recreate checkboxes statically?


Here the screen shot, I cant create checkboxes.