Time to install forest admin

Hello guys,
It’s my first time using Forest Admin. I’m using a freelancer to build an MVP for a projet I’m building. I would like to estimate the amount of time needed to setup forrest admin. any idea ? thank you so much.

it is for a simple accounting app for small shops

Hi @Hamza, welcome to our community!

We’re super glad you’re considering using Forest Admin to build your MVPs as a freelancer. It is through his experience as a freelance developer that our CEO decided to build Forest Admin: to save development time to build admin panels. Here is the full story in case you’re interested :slight_smile:.

To answer your question about the amount of time needed to set up Forest Admin:

  1. It takes literally 5 min to install Forest Admin and generate the admin API of your application using our open-source agent. After installation, Forest Admin instantly provides all common admin tasks such as CRUD operations, simple chart rendering, user group management, and more.

  2. You can then customize your admin to meet your specific needs. We’ve developed Forest Admin so that your admin is 100% customizable. It means that you have full control over your data, your back-end business logic and the UI. Depending on your skills (knowledge of our framework, expertise in node.js) and the size of your project, it can take a few days to a week to implement all your use cases.

I recommend that you take a look at our documentation and our woodshop to give you some inspiration on what you can do with Forest Admin.