How to install a project?

Having opened the documentation, I am advised to create an account on the platform. After creation, I created the project and went through the questions quest, where at the end I was told to run the npm run start command.
But I have no idea how the project should look like in general. Usually I install ready-made starters via npx …, where I get a project with a ready-made architecture, but what should I do here?

Hi @gcgc804 :wave:

To properly install Forest Admin, you need a database (or app) with your own data. Is it the case ?
Forest will then build a ready-to-use admin panel based on your database’s architecture.

If you don’t have a database, you could use a demo database we’ve set up (you need to install Docker for that).
If you simply want to check out what using Forest feels like, you may also browse through the Live demo.

I hope I did not misunderstand your situation. Feel free to tell me if my answer doesn’t help!