Typo error in your documentation, and improvement suggestions

Hi team,

I was just wanting to signal a typo error on your documentation, regarding your beta release of environment workflow.

At: set-origin - Developer guide

The following screenshot highlight the error (mentioning forest push instead of forest set-origin

I also have some comments on the same page.

Confusion with the term reference

There is multiple references to a reference or non reference environment at: https://docs.forestadmin.com/documentation/reference-guide/how-it-works/developing-on-forest-admin/forest-cli-commands/push


and here

I am sorry but the term “reference” is confusing.
Because it is not defined before in the documentation, and can interfere with the “remote” or “origin”.

I would recommend to remove this term, or to define it somewhere.
Otherwise, it is very confusing.

Confusion between remote and origin

Similarly, in the following screenshot, it is very confusing to see the forest push command with two different destinations mentioned in the explanation: either remote or origin


I hope this will help.

Best regards


Hi @Louis-Marie,

Thanks a lot for your report.

You’re right, it seems that there is a typo and rooms for improvement in this documentation.
I’m forwarding to the right team to make the correction.

Thanks again.

Thanks for the heads up @Louis-Marie, we’ve made the necessary changes based on your feedback.

The definition of a reference environment has been added here.

N.B: We’re still in the process of editing/adding a few images, to make the documentation easier to digest.

Cheers !


Thanks. Yes, I assume that more images will help to explain all these notions in details.
With the new release in Beta, I think it’s the right time to improve things.

To achieve this, you’ll be using Forest CLI’s deploy command from an environment that has your reference environment as its origin :smile:

But again, with the new release that will let us set the “origin”, with the forest set-origin command, it is still confusing to use different terms.

Please consider these as simple remarks, I am just trying to improve the general understanding.
I have no other pretensions :wink:


Did you see the hint I added a bit further down?

If you want to deploy from an environment whose origin is not your reference environment, you’ll need to use the set-origin environment first so you can make it its origin.

Hope that helps!


Just to illustrate my words.

Today, when using forest deploy command (not with the Beta one):

? Select the environment containing the layout changes you want to deploy to the reference environment Staging
? Deploy Staging layout changes to reference? (Y/n)
? Deploy Staging layout changes to reference? Yes
√ Deployed Staging layout changes to reference environment.

Here, we see that the Staging environment is deployed towards the reference environment
=> It is so confusing that you don’t know what your reference environment is on the same line…

So I hope that the real reference environment will be visible in the Beta release, in order to avoid any confusion.