Develop branch layout changes not able to see in staging environment

Hi Team,

I have two environments one is the development and another is the stage as a remote environment.

I followed the below steps on my local to deploy changes on stage but it is not reflected.

forest push -e Staging
forest deploy

getting below error message.

? Deploy Staging layout changes to reference? Yes
 ›   Error: Environment source current branch  Staging branch (id: 3095) has no target origin


Hello @sourabht,

Could you give me the different versions of the Forest Admin tools you are using please?
I will be able to help you :slight_smile:

Thank you @Guillaume_Cisco .

I have deployed changes from develop to the remote environment with the following command.

$forest push -e Staging

$forest deploy 

It deployed for development but when we try to deploy with Staging but got some error. as below. but now I can see the changes over there.