Unable to authenticate you on fresh forest admin - ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT

I getting unable to authenticate you


This is fresh installed forest admin connected directly to postgres.
Nothing is changed in app.js (just added allowed hosts to allowedOrigins).

Postgres database is hosted on AWS. When i perform request on /forest/authentication locally with postmen i get the response.

Hi @stefan.tofilovic :wave: ,

To help you I will need your project name, your liana type and its version.
You said that you added the allowed hosts, does the authentification works without it ?

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Project name: eko-servis-admin


Nope, authentification does not work at all, i tried removing cors, adding stuff etc… Nothing works, even i reinstalled several times, and fresh setup does not work again …

Hi @stefan.tofilovic !
Blocked by client might mean that something (such as an extension) is blocking the call. Can you try to deactivate all your extensions to see if it fixes your issue? (adblock specifically)

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This helped solving the issue (disabling adblocker).
Thank you very much!!!

Glad to hear that !
Have fun in the Forest :slight_smile: