Unable to authenticate you with docker instance (on EC2 Amazon instance)

Create the Admin Backend(docker) [PostgreSQL]
running docker compose on an instance(ec2(AmazonLinux2)). port
3310)is open

Hello @leonidos-l,

Can you share the failing call from the Network tab ?
Also can you share your APPLICATION_URL ?


if I go to the white ip ec2

Tried changing APPLICATION_HOST to my remote server url (dns name with certificate SSL) The result is the same(

Hello @leonidos-l,

Can you share the pre-flight call (it may contains interesting information) from the network tab ?

Can you share you project name (so I could check) ? I think you made the right move but you should had set the wrong --applicationUrl at the creation type.

In this case you need either to create a new environment (Project Settings > Tab Environments > Deploy to a remote environment first) or send me the server url in private message (along with the project name) so I can change it. (You can also recreate a new project with the right information)

It’s not recommended to use remote server with you’re development environment. You can find some documentation here. (We just saw that the doc is outdated, we will update it during the weekend)

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https://bastion.dev.zimba.io (project name:Zimba)

these variables need to be added to the .env file which are used by docker -compose?

when you run docker run, --applicationHost “https://bastion.dev.zimba.io” --applicationPort “3310”
there should be localhost or remore URl?

Hey @leonidos-l ,

How do you configure the redirection (with nginx I suppose) ? (You should configure your proxy to redirect HTTPS :443 ssl calls to http://localhost:3310 on your remote server)

The –applicationHost should be the URL of your remote server so https://bastion.dev.zimba.io/ in your case.
And the –applicationPort should be the one you want your application running `3310`` in your case (if you redirect the request from 443 to this port in your NGINX config).

All remote environments must use HTTPS (port 443) for security reasons. Choosing to install this way will require that you set up SSL certificates on your server yourself.

Let me know if this help. For development purpose it’s not the easiest way to setup a project.

Kind regards,

no, there is no nginx. The request goes straight to port 3306 https://bastion.dev.zimba.io/ and then connect to the remote rds postgre


HTTPS URLs begin with “https://” and use port 443 by default. So I don’t understand your point. :confused:

Can you configure the redirection on the ec2 ? (I’m not really use to amazon e2c configuration I will ask a colleague)


Do you means that a proxy in already configure and redirect to 3306 internally ?

If that the case you should just run your app one this PORT (–applicationPort “3306” or change directly the env variable to APPLICATION_PORT=3306).

3310, I was wrong yes. I will configure ALB to terminate SSL traffic. Thanks for the help

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You’re welcome. Tell me if it work when all configuration stuff has been done on your side. :slight_smile:

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Did you set the right FOREST_ENV_SECRET ?