Unable to create entity as "Related data" column has disappeared from creation form


Feature(s) impacted

I have a collection called “trial” that has a relation with another collection “disease area”. When creating a new trial, I need to add at least one disease area (trial hasMany disease areas). When I developed the feature a month ago, I was able to have:

  • a view for “details” where I could fill all properties of my entity
  • a view for “related data” where I could select the collection “disease area” and add/select entities

This is the most important feature of our product as it stops business if we can’t create entities, please help me ASAP !

Observed behavior

The “Related data” view is not accessible anymore on the “trial” entity creation, making it impossible for me to create a new entity as having “disease areas” is mandatory. The button “Related data” just disappeared from the interface.
I checked the layout and couldn’t find anything. I checked my code and I haven’t done any modification on my configuration.

Expected behavior

The button “Related data” is visible, allowing me to add/select “disease area” entities when creating a “trial”

how it was before:

Failure Logs



  • Project name: Inato Marketplace
  • Team name: Inato
  • Environment name: all → Production, Staging, Development
  • Agent type & version: forest-express-sequelize:8.5.13
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: none

Hi @Scott_Picquerey,

Sorry to read your post.
Do you have an idea of the last time it worked as expected?

In the meantime, I am currently looking at recent contribution that could have introduced such regression.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @Scott_Picquerey,

We identified the issue, that is a change we introduced 8 days ago.
A new release is currently in progress to rollback the feature.

We will investigate internally how we ended up in this situation and what can be improved to prevent such unexpected experience in the future.

Thanks for your patience.

Hi @arnaud !

Awesome. Thank you for your answer, I am glad you have identified the issue :slight_smile:
Please let me know when you release the fix.


It’s been released last night, so the feature is back!

Thank you so much for this quick fix !!! :pray:

Hi @Scott_Picquerey ,

From what I understand, the related data (disease areas in your case) are not automatically linked to the record (trial in your case) unless you specify in the form of each disease area the id of the trial you are about to create. This felt like a poorly functional feature on our side and since you are automatically redirected to the trial’s details page after creation, where you are only 1 click away from adding disease areas which are automatically linked to your trial, it appeared like the easiest way to remedy this was simply to remove the “Related data” tab. I’m sorry it got in the way of your creation flow!

Would you mind telling me, in your last screenshot:

  • do you usually use “Add an existing disease area” or “Create a new disease area” or both
  • is there any “trial id” field that you must fill in order to link the disease area to the trial? If so, what id do you enter?

This would help me better understand how this feature is used.

Thanks a lot!


When creating a “trial”, we cannot have the an empty array for the “disease areas”, that is why we need to have the relation on creation. Else, we would just create the trial and then add the disease areas separately.

Here we are using “related data” but what would be optimistic is to have a field “disease areas” within the “details” form that allows multi-select on other collections. This way, we would just do the same as we do for other fields.
Example: a trial has one “sponsor” which can be selected directly in the form (cf. picture below)

Does such a feature exist ? Or is it in the pipe on your side ?
If so, we won’t need the “related data” anymore.

To answer your questions:

  • We usually use the “Add an existing disease area”. We don’t care much about the create as we can do it before creating the trial
  • The relation between a trial and a disease area is that the trial entity has a field “disease_area_ids” which is a non empty array of disease_area id

Hope this helps!