Unable to generate a new backend application: ReferenceError: BigInt is not defined with node v16.3.0

Expected behavior

Running the initial setup commands, it is stated that I need node >= 8.12.0 and npm >= 6.10, which is the case. (running Node v16.3.0 and npm 7.15.1). I expect to have a directory with a forest admin backend app in my directory after running lumber generate "fa-demo" --connection-url "postgres://camille@localhost:5432/style_finder_development" --ssl "false" --schema "public" --application-host "localhost" --application-port "3310" ...

Actual behavior

The lumber generate command errors out.

Failure Logs

const ZERO = BigInt(0)

ReferenceError: BigInt is not defined


Running on WSL2 with ubuntu 20.04

Any help would be much appreciated,
Thank you very much.

Hi @cooki :wave: welcome to our community.
Unfortunately we don’t support node v16 yet.
We currently working on upgrade to node v14.
If it is not a problem for you, can you use node v10 or V12?

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Thank you Arnaud, all good now :slight_smile: