Unable to install

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Going through the initial steps to setup i get a

Command “forest:setup-keys” is not defined

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  • Project name: Tostada
  • Team name: DBD
  • Environment name: ?
  • Agent (forest package) name & version: 2.1.0
  • Database type: MSSQL
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: None

Hi @Miles_Hart :wave:, welcome to our community.

We are currently deploying the new version of the Laravel agent.
The onboarding steps will be updated today.
In the meantime, the forest:setup-keys command has been replaced by forest:install YOUR_ENV_KEY.
After executing this command, simply start your application.

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Hey Miles!

As Nicolas just said, we are currently deploying a new version of the Laravel agent. As you’re currently in the process of installing it, would you be up to give us your feedback on this installation process? We can provide help and support in the whole process.

Thank you,
Product Manager

Hey thanks, happy to test.

Rolled everything back to clean…

I now get a

Undefined property: ForestAdmin\LaravelForestAdmin\Commands\ForestInstall::$components

Let me know, happy to try anything you suggest.

Thanks for your feedback.

The components property only exists from Laravel 9.

We have just released the version 2.1.1 wich fixes this issue.

This error only interrupts the display of the message at the end of the command.

You can therefore move on to the next stage of onboarding (run your application), or if you prefer, start onboarding from the beginning.

Hi, I rolled back everything to clean.

Seemed alot happier with the Forest install command.

I’m running MSSQL and it seems not happy with this driver??

Unsupported driver .

It seems that your driver is empty.

What driver have you defined in your DB_CONNECTION .env variable?

Ahh yes, I’m using custom, non-standard keys in my env…

I update with my keys in the forest_admin.php

I get this error now when serving…

Class “Doctrine\DBAL\Driver\AbstractSQLServerDriver” not found

at C:\dev\Tostada\vendor\laravel\framework\src\Illuminate\Database\PDO\SqlServerDriver.php:7
Screenshot 2023-07-21 104733 sql

This issue is due to the absence of the doctrine/dbal package in the dependencies.

We have released a new version 2.1.2 which adds this package to the dependencies.

You can update your agent by running composer update forestadmin/laravel-forestadmin.

Thank you, I’ve cleaned a refresh the steps.

It seems to be complaining about why “BaseModel.php” in classes/base is not in the database.

I could comment it out?

Yes, you can exclude some models.

Here is an example in the following documentation.

Thank you, not really sure where I add this? I get this error when I

composer update forestadmin/laravel-forestadmin

You need to add the exclude setup in your config\forest_admin.php.

Here is an example:

        new EloquentDatasource(
                'driver'   => env('DB_CONNECTION_SQL12'),
                'host'     => env('DB_HOST_SQL12'),
                'port'     => env('DB_PORT_SQL12'),
                'database' => env('DB_DATABASE_SQL12'),
                'username' => env('DB_USERNAME_SQL12'),
                'password' => env('DB_PASSWORD_SQL12'),
        ['exclude' => ['BaseModel']]