Unable to start any project

Feature(s) impacted

Starting the project

Observed behavior

When I reach the end of trying to start a new project. I can’t get the project to connect. I get a similar error when I try to make the project using Django or using a Postgres database.

Expected behavior

ForestAdmin to connect to the backend.

Failure Logs

Django I get:
Cannot find the project related to the envSecret you configured. Can you check on Forest that you copied it properly in the Forest settings?

Postgres I get:
An error occured while retrieving your IP whitelist. Your Forest envSecret seems to be missing or unknown. Can you check that you properly set your Forest envSecret in the Forest initializer?

The ENV_SECRET is the one being provided to me during setup I don’t know how it could be wrong. It’s definitely not missing either.

Hi @joeyc !
Can I get your project name ? I’ll check that nothing is amiss on our end !