All Smart Action frozen for only one profile

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Feature(s) impacted

Smart Action for one person in one team only

Observed behavior

We are 9 users of Forest in the company, and are working on 6 different “teams” (in Forest definition). We do not use “roles” or “resticted segments” for Smart Actions.
For one person only in one team only, all Smart Actions are frozen

Expected behavior

Expect the Smart Action to be unfrozen :sweat_smile:

What I tried

Remove and add the person in the team
Check that all Smart Actions are not restricted to a dedicated semgent


Please provide in this mandatory section, the relevant information about your configuration:

  • Project name: CulturePay
  • Team name: Monthly Ops
  • Environment name: Prod
  • Agent type & version: Admin
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: none

Please can you send me the user email who cannot activate a smart action ?
Thanks you :slight_smile:

of course :

Thanks a lot !

Guillaume is in the Admin team like Does she have the same behavior?

I don’t know, and she won’t be available in the couple months so we cannot rely on that to investigate

If you switch to an other team, do you have the same behavior ?

The answer is no, I have this issue only on the “Monthly Ops” environment, and I’m the only one of the team to have this

Do you have errors in your console? Any failed http calls?

In deed, here is the screenshot :

Hey @Guillaume :wave:

Just to be sure, is it the case for all environment for this user? (So I can restrict the search on my end).
Do you eventually have an idea of when this issue started?

I’ll check our logs in the meantime to see if I can spot anything :+1:


“Production” is the only environment on which I’ve got that behavior. The issue has started last week, on Thursday.

Thanks a lot for your investigation :wink:


Hello @Guillaume :wave:

I just released new changes this morning and there is a small chance it fixed your issue. Can you check again please ?

If not, let’s keep investigating.

You showed us the deactivated actions on the summary view and the console error on the list view. I just need to make sure the two are related. Did the error in the console appear :

  1. When entering the list view
  2. When entering the summary view
  3. When clicking on the Actions button in the summary view

Do you see the same or another error in console on other collections list view ? On other collections summary view ?

Thanks :pray:

Hello Nicolas !

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:
There is in deed a small change, now actions are clickable for actions that not require to select a specific objects in the table.
However, error still persists for actions with selection required.

Here is a video with console so that you can have the details you ask :
Enregistrement de l’écran 2022-05-03 à (5.9 MB)

Thanks for the video. Very helpful.

Looks like one of your smart actions is restricted to a segment that no longer exists and our recent changes are less tolerant on these situations.

You probably deleted this segment some time ago before we added the automatic cleaning that prevent these situations.

We need to manually fix your configuration, shouldn’t take long.

Ok !
Do you need me to make a specific fix on my side ?

Sorry for the delay. We tried to manually fix your configuration but ran into other issues. We changed the code to ignore the deleted segment instead. Let me know if it works for you.

I’ve just checked, and it works :wink:
Thanks a lot ! Is there anything I can try in my side to make it clean ?

Hello @Guillaume,

Honestly, it is more our responsibility to clean this up (even if it does not cause any consequence anymore).
If you want to clean it up by yourself, you can try to remove your smart action declaration (in your /forest/codeVirements) and add it again. But be aware: you will loose all your specific configuration about this smart action.
To be sure it’s fixed, just check that you don’t have the 404 error when visiting a “code virements” record.

Thanks again for your report and patience.

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Hello Adrien,

Hope all is well for you. Our bug is back, for me (as before) but for my collegue Marylou ( too.

Is there any chance you can fix this ?

Thanks a lot !

Hello @Guillaume,

I am so sorry to hear that!
We’ll fix this asap.

Sorry again and I keep you posted.