Authentication is failing multiple times per day, for the whole team

Hi folks,

We’ve seen multiple errors at login for our team, and we need to clear cache, reload etc… to make it work. It really block us from using Forest, and it takes multiple tries to log in.

What can we do to sort the situation out?

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Hello @Pierre_Renaudin,

Thanks for your feedback and welcome in the community!

Did you deploy your application on multiple instances, behind a load balancer? For instance you can do it with heroku by adding multiple dynos.

If it’s the case, then you need to create a fixed value for FOREST_CLIENT_ID and define an environment variable with this value.

You’ll find the procedure in the docs: Setup a static clientId

If you did not deploy to multiple instances, then you’ll have to share with us details about the request that is failing.

We will need both headers and body from the request and response that is failing. You’ll find them by opening the developer tools in your browser (you’ll have to wait for the authentication to fail). Then in the network tab, identify the authentication request that is failing, and share with us all the details you can.

The error message and request details will tell a lot about how to resolve your issue.

Indeed have multiple instances, we’ll look into it.
Shouldn’t Forest warn about it?

Hi @Pierre_Renaudin,
Nice to see you here :paw_prints:

You’re god damn right the “upgrade to v7” is far from perfect for this specific multiple instances question.
We’ll update it to make it clearer.

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