Breadcrumbs display collection items from the previous page state

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When viewing item X from collection A, the breadcrumbs, as expected, are displayed as such:
A > X

Let’s say that on another tab, I open item Y on the same collection A, copy the URL and paste it on the first tab. The item displayed is Y as expected, but the breadcrumbs carry over the state from before and are displayed as such:
A > X > Y

This continues for however many other items I open and copy the URL in the first tab:
A > X > Y > Z and so on…


Expected behavior

The breadcrumbs should only display Collection > Item.

Actual behavior

The breadcrumbs display Collection > Item1 > ... > ItemX for however many item URLs I’ve pasted in the current tab.

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Hi @Hugo and welcome in our community :wave: !

So what You mean is you are on record A then you click on a record B So it displays A > B
And when you click on a record C you get A > B > C, am I right ?
If yes this is the expected behaviour and I don’t understand your issue :sweat_smile:

Hi @vince and thank you for taking the time to answer :slightly_smiling_face:

No what I mean is that I am on record A on one browser tab (T1) and on record B on a separate tab (T2).

When I copy the URL from T2 to T1, I expect the breadcrumbs to be the same as on T2 and no longer show A, but they do (A > B).

Hmm you are absolutely right :sweat_smile:.
I’ll create an issue for this. You’ll be able to see the progress on it below :wink:
Thanks for the report :pray:

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