Display problem when coming back with the bread crumb


We have recently discovered a problem when navigating back with the bread crumb.
Some linked collections are disappearing.
Please consult this video: https://www.loom.com/share/dc21fffb8ec943d9b7a93c6938026274

liana_version: 6.0.0


Hi @Louis-Marie,

Does this kind of issue also happen while going back not using the breadcrumbs?
In other words, are you sure this is only related to breadcrumbs?

Thanks for your help!

Yes, indeed, I have the same problem using the back function of the browser.

This is not something I can reproduce on a simple collection.

Does it happen only in this collection/field?
Do you have details to share about this collection and its user relationship?
Is everything “native” or do you have Smart implementations?

I can reproduce it on all my collections which have hasOne relationship.
They are native relationships.

I eventually managed to reproduce the issue.
This is clearly a recently introduced regression.
I’ll create a ticket to work on a hotfix.

Here is the status of the issue:

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Hi @Louis-Marie

The fix has just been released :tada:, let us know if it fixes your issue (:point_right: I just tested on my side, it seems to work now). Thank you for your patience :pray:

Hi @rap2h,

Yes, this problem is solved.
Thank you. :smiley: :+1:

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