Can I and should I downgrade to free plan?

Hi !

I have been on Forest Admin for a while and subscribed to a Legacy Plan (50$ per 1000 activities).
Today, I am the only user of my Forest Admin project, and as this business is now a side business for me, I only use Forest Admin once in a while.

Now I see that the new pricing plan have a Free plan for 1 user with all basic features of Forest Admin, but I am not sure to understand what are the “basic” features today (it seems your definition of “basic” has evolved…).

So I have 2 questions :

  • Should I downgrade to free plan ? (or, how can I clearly know if I am using only basic features or not?)
  • How can I downgrade to free plan ? (I tried to do it but the only option are to choose a new paid plan)

Thanks for your help !

Hi @Gregory_Derderian .

Thank you for reaching out.
Would you mind sending your request to our CS team?


Thanks @salim, I will do that, thanks !