Cannot reach your data only some lines

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My server and my database is on. I am getting this error on some lines. A ForestAdmin problem? No error logs server. What to do ?

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  • Project name: …
  • Team name: …
  • Environment name: …
  • Agent (forest package) name & version: …
  • Database type: …
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: …

Hello @Vincent :wave:

Can you give me your project name, … :pray: so I can have more information on your problem.

Kind regards,


Hi Florian
Project name : data_products_dev
All the good for you ? for analyze ?

Yes :slightly_smiling_face:, Have you customized your data? Can you also give me the payload of your request that attempts to get the data?

Not customized.
For some lines it works fine and others not and we get this error. No error logs.
What information do you need?

It may be linked to an undefined id problem :thinking:, I’ll look into it. Can you give me a collection name where the problem appears? As well as the payload of a GET request that crashes ( like on this screenshot )

An undefined ID from ForestAdmin or from our side?
Can we fix it on our side? or is it yours?

When I duplicate the lines that don’t work, I have the data saved.
After duplication, newlines works.
The problem comes from ForestAdmin. How to fix it?

In order to assist, I’ll need to get the informations asked above, otherwise I can’t really locate the problem. :sweat_smile:
“Cannot reach your data” indicates that the issue comes between the discussion of our frontend and your agent, which is not accessible to me.

Could you please share :pray::

  • A collection where the issue happens.
  • The request payload & response that fails.

Collection : Contract Types
Request : All the response is 200
All the good for you ? solution ?

I find nothing strange in the configuration of this collection. Even if the GET request for a record returns a 200, there may be a problem in the payload and response of this request. :thinking: Can you send me the payload of a GET request where you encounter the problem and the response of this request. :pray: This will enable us to identify whether the problem is coming from the frontend or somewhere else.

Hi, thank you for your reply
Which payload which file do you need?

example payload not work
v: 2
tid: G-Z03FXTXR86
gtm: 45je36s0
_p: 1881564334
cid: 2115008171.1671717147
ul: fr
sr: 1440x900
uaa: x86
uab: 64
uamb: 0
uap: Windows
uapv: 15.0.0
uaw: 0
ngs: 1
_s: 4
sid: 1688634463
sct: 37
seg: 1
en: user_engagement
_et: 3553

The same payload as on my previous screenshot :slightly_smiling_face:

not payload. how do we do ?

Can you share your server logs when you do the request :pray: ?
Also, when you see the error on the application “Cannot reach your data”, do you see in your network section a 500 error ? If yes, can you share the response :pray:.
Can you take a screenshot of your network log on the front end ? We want to show something like my screenshot.

We have no 500 errors.
Attached are the logs at the time of the call.

What can we do ? does it come from your side?

Can you send your network logs from your front end please :pray: ?
If you want to be helped you should share all the data that we ask. We don’t have any error on our side.

all the good for you for analyse and solution ?

Can you send the contract-types collection request from the front end, I don’t see it from your screenshot?