Cannot reach your data only some lines

I did not understand your question ?

Your error is displayed when you visit the contract types collection. I want to see the request and the response of the http request.

all the good for you for analyze and solution ?

:face_with_head_bandage: Do you speak french ? Maybe we can switch to french language to better understand each other.

Bonjour, oui biensûr nous pouvons passer en Français.
Souhaitez-vous d’autres informations ?

Les informations que vous me donnez ne sont pas suffisantes, il me faut une trace d’une erreur. Nous n’avons pas accès à votre serveur. Sans ça je ne pourrais pas vous aider.
Dans le dernier screenshot que vous m’avez envoyé, êtes-vous sûr qu’il n’y a aucune erreur ? Y a-t-il une ligne route dans la liste ? (vous pouvez dérouler la liste vers le bas, pour voir toutes les requêtes).

Nous n’avons aucune erreur sur le serveur.
Certains documents sont accessibles et d’autres non.
Quand on duplicate la ligne, il retrouve bien les datas.

Quand on veut accéder à ces lignes, on obtient l’erreur reach data. Pas d’erreur dans les logs.

Hey Vincent :wave:

(Switching back to english so other users can benefit from this)

This thread seems quite long so I’ll try to sum it up:

  • Some of your records display a “Cannot reach your data” error.
  • When duplicating these records, you do not experience any issues.
  • All http endpoints send back HTTP 200 Response.

My best guess would be that there is an issue with a specific response. Usually, this error can be displayed whenever the response doesn’t contain specific informations.

In order to help, i’ll need exactly the following informations:

  • Payload and response for the /contract_type call

These can be retrieved by:

  • Opening the chrome developer console
  • Switching to the network tabs
  • Searching for the specific call that retrieve a single record (You should be able to directly search contract in the search bar visible on the screenshot.
  • Sending the whole payload & response as text (You can send those via private message)

Once I’ve got this information, I should be able to understand what is going on - and to provide a solution or a workaround to fit your use-case.

Thanks in advance :pray:

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After deeper investigation in private message, it appeared to be a discrepancy between the data in mongodb & in the model definition:

  • Model contained a definition for a “BelongsTo” equivalent for a specific fields (Let’s call it foo)
  • Some mongo records contained foo: <an Id>, some other contained foo: [<An array of ids>].

This led to “Cannot reach your data” error when the loaded record didn’t match the model structure, saved in the forestadmin-schema.

Fixing the issue was then mostly a matter of fixing the model.

Thanks for your help debugging this, I’ll mark this thread as resolved :pray:

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