Can't see changes pushed changes in the Staging environment

Expected behaviour

Push a local Forest branch to the remote Staging env. Should now be able to see the local UI customisation on the Staging branch.

Actual behavior

A colleague of mine has taken a branch called feat/quizzes and pushed this branch from their local development environment onto Staging. If we look at the UI, in the top left corner, we can see that Staging registers 132 changes:
However, none of these changes, that were made in my colleague’s local development environment, are now visible in Staging. In other words, my colleague seems to have lost all of their UI customisation.
We’ve tried re-building the staging backend service that serves the Staging UI - but we can’t see any changes.
It seems that the browser requests the UI customisation from the Forest Admin API server so we’re not sure how to get our changes to appear in the Staging environment.
Please can you help us ?

Hello @Mitchell_Lloyd,

Thank you for reporting this and sorry for the inconvenience.

From what I could find on my end, the changes from branch feat/quizzes where directly deployed to your production environment, and not deployed to your staging.

Could you check on your side if your colleague changes are visible on production?

Thank you

HI @Guillaume_Deslandes
Sorry I got the branch name wrong.
The branch name is actually feat/approve-quizzes


Could you please check your staging now? I found a faulty record in our database, removed it and refreshed your layout.

If things are right now, I’ll fill a bug with our team.

The faulty record I removed may affect the questions collection on your project. From what I saw you should not be affected, but would you be so kind to have your colleague double check if his modifications are properly there?

Thank you

Thankyou @Guillaume_Deslandes ,
I’ll check Staging now and then report back to you.