New User Invitation - Sometimes late or never arrives

Hi Forest!
We have an active paid account and from time to time increase the seats by inviting more users.
We have a problem where we try to invite a user - the email never arrives.
We have waited now for over 4 days, and before that tried to delete and invite again - doesn’t help.
Is there something we are doing wrong? Maybe billing wise?

Hello Yoad :wave:

First of all, welcome to this new forum and thanks a lot for contributing actively.

In order to tackle your issue, could you please tell me:

  • The name of the project and team on which you invite the new user
  • The email address of this new user
  • If it is the 1st time you encounter this problem
  • If you have something particular in mind related to billing (as you evoked it in your message)

And this question could sound silly, but I have to ask: did you make sure that the new user receives well emails and that Forest emails are not hidden in a spam folder?

Thank you!

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Thanks - This is not the first time invitations don’t come through. I usually try and delete the pendnig invite and recreate it and it works (after delays between minutes and days)
The email is within our domain, checked spam - this should not be a problem in this case.

Billing wise - this is the 12th user I want to add - maybe the trenches of 10 has something to do with that? Is it auto upgrading when needed or I have to “add a trench” somehwere.

I would not be happy to publicly share this email address or our project name for obvious reasons. :slight_smile: but just let me know which private method you preferand I can send it out. (Slack PM is also OK?)

@Yoad_Snapir I understand.
I sent you a private message on Discourse, can you please answer it with the sensitive information?
Thank you.

@Yoad_Snapir I confirm that the invitation email you were talking about did not get through.
For some reasons, this email address has been flagged as no existing (perhaps it was not yet when you created the invitation?).

Anyway, I just resend the email and it seems to be delivered.
Let me know if it’s really the case!


Thank you! Yes, it’s possible - I recall this account was deleted and recreated about that time.
I will wait for PST time so the team wakes up and checks their inbox.