Collections and Columns disappeared

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There is certain times that we have columns fully disappear on us, and going into edit mode or the collection settings doesn’t help as they’re not showing in there.

This also happens to our collections that completely disappear on us not sure what’s happening. As we haven’t done any deployments or changes to the schema that would affect this

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Expecting to see my columns and collections

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At this time it’s hard to tell you why this is happening as long as we don’t have enough informations, in order to help I’ll need these following informations:

  • Are you encountering this issue after doing a specific task ?
  • Is it happening on all your environment are a specific one ?

The possibility to reach a collection / see columns is linked to your layout, every team + environment as a specific layout which mean you can see different collections / columns depending on the team you belong to.

+ If you’ve done some changes on your model definition (like creating a new table) you need to enable the possibility to see it from the roles section of your project settings.

Let me know if it helps :pray:
Kind regards

Hi Sorry for the late reply

I haven’t noticed it if it happens after a certain task
This seems to be happening right now only on production

And it’s not an issue with the layout editor as the columns and collections have literally vanished even if i go into the project settings and look at permissions the collection is not there.

And it hasn’t been an issue with a deploy as we haven’t done a deploy recently

Hello @Zero,

Should it possible for you to share with us a screen recording video that show this issue with maybe a vue on your console from your browser dev tool ?


Sent you a PM let me know