Crash UI apres souscribtion plus

Je viens de souscrire à Forest Admin Plus, a la suite de ça j’ai crée un nouvelle utilisateur et toute l’UI de notre production a sauter…

Ça vas me prendre une bonne demi-journée de travail pour la refaire. Pouvez-vous me la retrouver ? Y a t’il un moyen de sauvegarder cette UI ?


Hi @Benjamin,

I am afraid this is an english forum to reach a maximum of people in the developer community.

I am really surprised because users creation should not break anything in the layout of your project.
Can you share with us the name of your project to dig into this issue and find an explanation?

Thanks for your help!

I guess I found your project (named “Alfred”).

I observe that you created a new “Customer success” team 3 hours ago.
Are you sure your initial layout is not safe in the original “Admin” team?

Yes, I did change the layout by going to “Admin”. Part of the UI is to remain intact (the models on the left) but all the rest to skip

Hi @Benjamin,

ForestAdmin’s UI configurations are independent from one team to another and same goes for the environments.

Could you please be more precise on what happen exactly:

  • On which environment/team were you?
  • What exactly broke or disappeared in the UI configuration you had?

As Arnaud said creating a user should have nothing to do with the UI configuration. Having more context could help me find what might have gone wrong


Hi @lamatt_v
The problem was resolved by your team.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi there,

For the posterity, it is really useful to create a backup environment (like a staging one) on which we will regularly back up the layout so it follows the production environment.

That way, the layout can quickly be retrieved in case if anything goes wrong :ok_hand: