Data columns layout is not saving correctly

Feature(s) impacted

customise columns for segments independently

Observed behavior

I have two segments (tutors and contacts) of same collection (users),
I checked the option Independent columns configuration for each segments.
when I hid some columns on tutor and I refresh the page, the columns appear again!

Expected behavior

the hidden columns should be saved even when refresh.

Failure Logs

no logs.


  • Project name: clevermate dashboard
  • Environment name: clevermate test

I tried with the column image : want to hide it on Contacts segment, keep it on Tutors segment
(just to test with this column cuz lot of other columns to customise)

Hi @Adel_de_Clevermate ,

Thanks for reaching out. We are currently solving this issue.
You will be noticed once the fix is released.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,


Hi @Adel_de_Clevermate ,

The fix is released.
Tell me if it is resolved on your side.