Deactivate Add button in a Dev environment

In the new roles management system, I no longer have the possibility to remove the Add button at the top right corner of the collection table view :

In the roles management system, I don’t have access to my Dev environment

But I still would like to be able to deactivate the create action at once for ALL ROLES.

How do I do that ?

Hello @JeremyV,

Thank you for your message!

You’re right, with the new roles management system, you don’t have the possibility to edit the permissions for development environments: everything is permitted on those.
What is your use case that require to be able to deactivate this button on a development environment?

But I still would like to be able to deactivate the create action at once for ALL ROLES.

It is not possible to do it at once, you will need to do it for every roles (and every concerned environments).
To make it faster, do you know that you can create a role from another one (duplicating)? And that if you click on the create column title, it will tick/untick for all collections?

Let me know,

New records in some collections are created via smart actions, where I can use hooks/load.

I don’t see your point here. I’d like to untick for all roles, not all collections.

I understand, and that’s the case in remote environments. But why is it be a problem if this “Add” button is not hidden on a development environment? There is no risk if a developer add a record on the set of data used for this development environment, is it?

You are right, the remark is not helpful if you don’t want to untick the permission for all collections.

When pushed to any test/production environment, the layout is ready to be used immediately, without further configuration or permission management. And my work is (supposedly) done.

It’s as you asked me, what is the point to set up the layout in dev environment if I can do it in a test/production environment ? That’s quite the same question, and the same answer.
Because when my work is pushed from dev to my clients 'environment, i have nothing more to set up in the target env.

Should I mention that when I have a new table/collection in my dev env, which has not yet be pushed, this collection is not in the collections 'permissions table in others environment.

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And BTW I have 151 collections and 10 roles, I want to prevent any tedious tasks and mistakes. :slight_smile:

That’s pretty clear, thanks for the details :pray:

Today, there are two distinct concepts: the layout (what Forest Admin looks like) and the permissions (what a user is allowed to do on data).
The workflow (as we have it in mind) is to set up the layout on development (as you mentioned) and then push it to staging/prod, and in parallel, make sure the permissions are correctly set up for remote environments for all roles.

I’m pushing a Product insight with this remark (you wish we can change a permission on a collection for all roles at once, is that correct)?

Thanks again for sharing this with us.

Exactly :slight_smile:

I beg to disagree. Display a button, or not, is definitively part of the layout. If the button is not displayed, we shouldn’t have to worry about its permissions.

Does it mean that if i copy my layout from staging to production, the roles permissions won’t be copied as well ? I’m having a hard time figuring out how to explain my client that what is effective / working in staging cannot be copied on demand in production without additional tuning.

Display a button, or not, is definitively part of the layout, you are totally right.
However, hiding a button is not really a secured way to manage permissions, that’s why we split the 2 concepts.

That is correct, when copying the layout, no permissions are copied.