Development environment not working

Expected behavior

When switching to the “Development” environment, it loads.

Actual behavior

“Our server encountered an error” is shown very briefly before being kicked back to the login page.

Failure Logs

No error logs!


Confirmed that Admin Backend URL and FOREST_ENV_SECRET are correct and match what’s in .env. Loading http://localhost:3310 in browser shows “Your application is running”. No web logs at all when trying to load via UI, telling me that it’s not even calling my local Forest Admin instance.

  • Express Version: 4.17.1
  • Sequelize Version: 7.3.1
  • Database Dialect: Postgres (SSL)
  • Database Version: 12.2
  • Project Name: Pharos

In debugging this some more, what’s really interesting is that when I go to switch to the development environment, the first request in the network inspector is to /forest/authentication/logout. Ultimately, this would explain why I’m getting kicked back to the login page. Why I’m being logged out just by trying to switch environments is beyond me.

Hello @txtjournals,

The call to /forest/authentication/logout logged you out of the current environment you were on and by switching on a new environment you should be able to see a request to /forest/authentication on the environment you try to log in. Can you show me the network logs of your browser dev tools and more especially the request that failed during the authentication process?


Turns out my local environment just had a bad DB connection string, but that wasn’t previously showing itself because there was something cached in the browser. After being logged out of one environment (when trying to switch to dev), it was never actually making a request to my development issue before kicking me out. It wasn’t until I tried another browser (and subsequently cleared cache in the original browser) that it actually called my local environment.

What would have been cached in the UI that would have prevented my local environment from being called?