Don't see native edit button in Actions menu


I would like to be able to edit a PE_Poi record in production which has the set of permissions for the Manager role: (And I am connected with a user who has the Manager role).

However, I can’t see the native Edit button in the Actions menu when I select a record.
I just see Duplicate and Delete native buttons.

“liana”: “forest-express-mongoose”,
“liana_version”: “8.7.9”,
“stack”: {
“database_type”: “multiple”,
“engine”: “nodejs”,
“engine_version”: “18.12.1”,
“orm_version”: “5.8.13”

What do I miss ?


Hello @guillaumejauffret,

To edit a record, you need to:

  1. Click on the record and display its Summary or Detail view
  2. Click on the button “Edit” on the bottom right

In the screenshot you are showing a list view, on which it’s not possible to edit records directly like that.

If you want to edit one value (one displayed column), it’s possible to right-click on the value and edit it inline. Please note that this feature is only supported on a limited number of column types.

thanks @GuillaumeGautreau , but even on details or summary list, I cannot edit my record:

Moreover, I don’t want to display the Duplicate button.
And is it possible to customize the name displayed in the button. I would like to change Delete pe poi by Delete Poi for instance.

Can you please share your project name? I don’t think I can investigate without this info.

of course sorry: joinly-forest

Hello @guillaumejauffret,

Thanks for reaching out :raised_hands:

The Edit button is well present in the screenshot you shared!
It’s not in the Actions dropdown, but besides it on the right:

Then, about your questions:

  • The duplicate button is displayed as soon as you have the create rights. It’s not possible to hide it in particular. So I’m adding a request for being able to do that in our Product features wishlist.
  • About the names displayed on the duplicate and delete buttons, it’s not possible to edit them directly but what you’re seeing here is strange: you should see the display name as you changed it in the collection settings (guessing it’s “POI” in your case?). Could you please show me what “display name (singular)” and “display name (plural”) you set in your POI collection settings please?

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Oh! Shame on me! Sorry for that, I’m just too used to the former lookup when the Edit button was in the action list…

The name displayed is ok now. It tages the “singular display name”

Thanks @adriguy @GuillaumeGautreau
And sorry for this poor issue …

What could be nice to add in your Product features wishlist would be to be able to customize the color of the action or smart action buttons.


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Sure, I’ll do it.

No problem, happy to help!

Cheers, have a good one.