Duplication of an entity

Hello everyone.
Please help me solve the problem. I am increasingly faced with the fact that when creating 1 entity, its duplicate is automatically created. I create it through the add button. The time difference is seconds, although it was created 1 time. I can’t figure out what’s going on.

hi @Aleksandr91,

do you have custom logic on the create ?

We use standard tools. Did not make changes

6 seconds is quite a lot :thinking:. Isn’t it just a double creation on your side ?
Could you let me know your:

  • Project name
  • Environment name
  • Team name
    on which the issue is happening ?

At first I thought that the error was on my side, but then such cases began to appear more often. This is just an example, there are several such cases. In some cases, the difference is 1 second.
Project name mygig
Environment name Production
Team name Operations

Hey @Aleksandr91,

Looking at your activity logs, there is only one creation made on our side it seems :thinking:
Do you have any hooks ? On your database or in your code ?

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The problem was on my side. Thanks for the help. You’ve helped me a lot.